Dance With a Star!

Nov 27th, 2016 | Category: Contests

Dance With a Star!

  • Madeline Boyle: $350.00
  • Gracie Acosta: $250.00
  • Coryn Meyers: $200.00
  • Victoria de la Rosa: $157.00
  • Luna Rendon: $130.00
  • Victoria Jimenez Gomez: $130.00
  • Jordan Fatone-Ingenio: $120.00
  • Athena Joannidis: $110.00
  • Mia Soler: $105.00
  • Juliana Odum: $100.00
  • Sophia Rosenthal: $100.00
  • Sophie Bergman: $100.00
  • Ella Rohdieck: $100.00

We already knew she was a Gold Medal Olympic gymnast.
Now we know she’s also a world-class dancer.

Laurie Hernandez will celebrate her stunning Dancing With the Stars championship with a dance party – just for you!

During Laurie’s visit to Elite Gymnastics on February 18, the gym floor will be cleared for all gymnasts who raise $100 or more between Sunday, November 27 and Thursday, December 1 at midnight.

For about five minutes, Laurie will lead the lucky group through a medley of super-hot dance tunes! Bring your fanciest footwork, and your flashiest moves, and make sure a video camera is rolling to capture this epic experience!

Special Incentive: The Top 2 contest fundraisers will line up next to Laurie throughout the dance action!

You must raise at least $100 during the contest period to qualify, on-line donations only.


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